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Anime Skip Player

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The Anime Skip Player is a browser extension that replaces the crappy video players from the top anime streaming services with a custom one that lets you skip intros, change the playback rate, and more!

Demo of the Anime Skip Player

Auto-skip Timestamps

Don't want to watch intros? You don't have to move a finger. Anything you don't want to watch is automatically skipped

Advanced Player Controls

Playback speed up to 4x, advance between timestamps, 4 levels of fast forwards and rewinds

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Over a dozen fully customizable keyboard shortcuts for navigation, volume, fullscreen, and more!

Standardized Experience

Regardless of where you're watching anime, you'll get the same, beautiful video player with the same, awesome features

Supported Services

Anime Skip is not affiliated with any of these services

Recently Added Episodes


BetterVRV episodes do not show up on this list, you can view those here

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Anime Skip API

Anime Skip provides a GraphQL API for devlopers to use to integrate timestamps into your own applications.

To get started, head over to the API documentation.