API Documentation


Anime Skip's API uses GraphQL. Here's an example query:

{  searchShows(search: "spider", limit: 10) {    id    name    originalName  }}

Here's an example cURL request for that query:

curl --request POST \  --url https://api.anime-skip.com/graphql \  --header 'content-type: application/json' \  --header 'x-client-id: ZGfO0sMF3eCwLYf8yMSCJjlynwNGRXWE' \  --data '{"query":"{ searchShows(search: \"spider\", limit: 10) { id name originalName } }"}'

There are two API environments:

GraphQL EndpointPlayground URL

Using the API


Head over to the test environment's playground to try out the API and view the documentation in the "Docs" side menu.

If you're ready to use the API in your own app, please start out in the test environment. Once you've worked out the kinks, feel free to switch to the production environment!

Client IDs

To use the API, a client ID is required. You can use a shared client ID to get started:

X-Client-ID: ZGfO0sMF3eCwLYf8yMSCJjlynwNGRXWE

It is heavily rate limitted and not suited for use in production. Pass the ID in the X-Client-ID header.

You can create a client ID for your app from your account settings.


Some queries and all mutations require authorization. Pass authorization in the Authorization header like so:

Authorization: Bearer <authToken>

To get an auth token, use the login or loginRefresh queries:

{  login(usernameEmail: "<username-or-email>", passwordHash: "<md5-of-password>") {    authToken    refreshToken  }}

Test Environment

Start with using the test environment. It does not include any any production data, including accounts and client IDs.

To create an account in the test environment to test mutations that require authentication, you can create a user with the following query:

mutation {  createAccount(    username: "<change-me>"    email: "<change-me>"    passwordHash: "<md5-hash-of-password>"    recaptchaResponse: "password1"  ) {    authToken    refreshToken    account {      username      email    }  }}

You cannot create users using the API in production, accounts must be created at https://anime-skip.com/sign-up.